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Our Technician is available to service office equipment in your office, business, home, or if you want to save on service fees you may bring your equipment to our repair location.

Copy and Print services:  Self serve and full service copying and printing on high-speed copiers and printers.  For custom copying and printing needs we have a variety of 8 1/2" x 11" colored paper, card stock paper, and photo paper available.  These are great for your pre-designed flyers, cards, invitations, and posters.  Add color to your copies or prints with our color copier and printer.  Great for reproducing your photographs, art work, advertisements for items you want/need to sell, scrapbooking, and making craft projects.  You may also enlarge or reduce your pictures and prints.    

FAX Machine services are available to the public for sending or receiving faxes.  Printed confirmation is provided after your
sent fax is received.   

E-mail, scanning, and USB drive services are also available to the public, along with laminating and binding services.